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How do I solve this math equation?

Please explain answer, I am dyslexic and I learn a little slower.

The function W(d)=112.d approximates the amount of water in cm that results from d cm of snow melting.Find the amount of water that results from melting from depts of 19cm.

Answer is 2.128 but how do I solve?
Please, let me rewrite the data.

W(d) = 0.112*d

d = 19cm.

W(19) = 0.112*19 = 2.128cm.

How to do this math problem using exponential rules?

The teacher used this example:

(27/64)^2/3 and got 288/125 as the final answer. There are some steps in between that I don

Organic chem problem?

Draw the skeletal structure of the major organic product A which is the compound of interest. (There is another product that can be considered the by-product which is of no synthetic interest.)

There is one equivalent of base used.
This reaction is a crossed or mixed Claisen condensation. This is not within my preferred types of examples. See examples here:

However, acetone is the more acidic component and will enolize most readily. If its concentration is kept low to discourage self-condensation, then that enolate can react with the ester to give a diketone after elimination of methoxide. Because of the diketone acidity, the methoxide will deprotonate the diketone. This will be the first product. Acidification is required to convert the enolate back to the diketone, 5-methylhexane-2,4-dione.

Acetone is quite reactive and susceptible to self-condensation. If you look at the examples shown in the linked web page, you will find that esters used with ketones are often quite reactive, such as ethyl formate.

Helping my nephew with some homework assignment need help so I know how to explain it to him.?

Any help would be greatly appreacted. Thank you.

The advertising agency promoting the new Breem dishwashing detergent wants to get the best exposure possible for the product within the $95,200 advertising budget ceiling placed upon it. To do so, the agency needs to decide how much of the budget to spend on each of its two most effective media: (1) television spots during the afternoon hours and (2) large ads in the city

Which country is the smallest in the world?

Vatican City.It is inside Italy.It is were the pope lives?Even though the second word is city it is a country.
Vatican City is the world

Which country is the biggest in the world?

Russia for size.

China for population.
Russia by surface area

China by population
Russia in size

china in population
Russian Federation (Russia) is the largest country by total land area. Russia has a total land area of about 17,098,242 square km - which is about 11.5% of the world

Why can Type O Blood be used by anyone in the world?

Blood group O (or blood group zero in some countries) individuals do not have either A or B antigens on the surface of their RBC, but their blood serum contains IgM anti-A antibodies and anti-B antibodies against the A and B blood group antigens. Therefore, a group O individual can receive blood only from a group O individual, but can donate blood to individuals of any ABO blood group (i.e. A, B, O or AB). If anyone needs a blood transfusion in an extremely dire emergency, and if the time taken to process the recipient

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